Meet Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta, an Expert Threader, came to the city of Baltimore in 2009. She was licensed in Cosmetology from her native country, India, but here in United States, the board does not accept licenses from other countries so she could not open her own business. Richa started studying for her Cosmetology Exam while working at three different Salons as a Threader.

Richa has a deep passion for hair syling as well but unfortunately, as with threading, she could not offer hair services until she had her license. Even though she has been very skilled at Threading and hair stying for over 13 years, Richa practiced and perfected her skills at both trades and within a year's time, she got licenced from the state of Md.

Richa's family, consisting of her husband and two sons, has supported her along every step of the way. Although her husband has been stationed in India throughout this entire time, he did whatever was necessary to not only support her but to push his wife to achieve her passion in life. After 3 yrs now, she has won over many loyal clients, some of which no longer consider themselves only clients, but feel that they all are treated like friends.

Richa had all of the talent that she needed and a strong wilingness to work hard so she has fulfilled her dream of owning her own hair and threading salon and has thrived from day one. In her own words, Richa says "I have gained an extended family here in States".

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